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Kenney announcing COVID-19 vaccine partnership between Alberta and Montana 07.05.2021 в 18:18 Alberta Premier Jason Kenney will be announcing details on a COVID-19 vaccine partnership between Alberta and Montana at a Friday morning news conference.
Vigil planned for corrections officer fatally shot in Delta 07.05.2021 в 18:16 Organizers are asking attendees to wear masks and maintain physical distancing.
Premier Pallister to announce COVID-19 paid sick leave benefit for Manitoba 07.05.2021 в 18:16 The premier has championed the idea of paid sick leave due to COVID-19, but has said the federal government should be laying the groundwork and footing the bill.
RCMP investigate shooting death along Baseline Road in Sherwood Park 07.05.2021 в 18:10 At around 6:30 a.m., police were called to a firearms incident on Baseline Road, between Highway 21 and Highcliff Road.
Quebec reports more than 900 new COVID-19 cases again, 5 more deaths 07.05.2021 в 18:07 The number of hospitalizations related to the novel coronavirus now stands at 574, a decrease of six from the previous day.
Waterloo Region face-covering bylaw may be extended to end of 2021 07.05.2021 в 18:05 A staff report that will go before Waterloo Regional Council on Tuesday recommends that the current face-covering and code-of-use bylaws be extended until the end of the year.
Rideau Waterway Land Trust meets fundraising goal for Warren property at Chaffeys Lock 07.05.2021 в 18:04 The Rideau Waterway Land Trust has acquired a 74-acre parcel of land.
Central Ontario paramedics can direct 911 palliative calls to care other than ER in pilot project 07.05.2021 в 18:01 Palliative patients after receiving on-scene care can have the option for paramedics to coordinate follow-up care directly with a primary care provider or with a local hospice.
U.S. military has ‘no plan’ to stop falling Chinese rocket debris 07.05.2021 в 18:01 U.S. officials are tracking the rocket core, which they hope will hit the ocean and not an inhabited area.
Alberta’s jobless rate stays steady in April amid third wave of COVID-19 07.05.2021 в 17:48 Alberta recorded a jobless rate of 9.0 per cent in April, down just a single tenth of a percentage point from the month prior.
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